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User Agreement

In order to register for an account with EFlex, you must accept the terms of the user agreement as explained below. Failure to accept these terms will take you back to the login screen.

Read Chapter 16, Iowa  Rules of Electronic Procedure before you register for or use the Iowa Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). In addition, please note the following:

Electronic filing is mandatory:

Electronic filing of new court cases and appeals, unless otherwise required or authorized by the Chapter 16, Iowa Rules of Electronic Procedure, is mandatory. You must register to use EDMS:

Registration is required before you can use EDMS.  In order to register, you must have and maintain a current email account for use with EDMS. Your email account can be with whichever provider you choose, e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. When you have completed your registration and received approval of your login (also called username) and password, you can begin filing and receiving documents immediately. Your registration constitutes your request for, and consent to, electronic service of court-generated documents and documents filed electronically by other parties.

Note to Pro Hac Vice Attorneys:  As an attorney not licensed to practice law in Iowa, you must comply with Iowa Court Rule 31.14 before you can register to use EDMS. After you obtain court approval to appear in your case, you will be issued a Pro Hac Vice Personal Identification Number (PHV PIN), which you will use to register in EDMS. Once registered, you must file an appearance to get access and electronic service on the case you were admitted to.

You must keep your login and password secure:

You are responsible for keeping your login and password secure, including changing your password periodically to maintain security.

Your EDMS username and password serve as your signature on documents you file with the court, and you are responsible for all documents filed using your username and password, as well as for any electronic downloading or viewing done using your login and password.  The court can impose sanctions on filers who improperly access or file documents, therefore it’s important that you not share your username and password with anyone or allow anyone to use it except as provided in these rules. If you believe your password has been compromised (you have lost your password or you think someone else knows your password), you must change it immediately to prevent unauthorized access to EDMS.

You must maintain your registration information and monitor your email account:

You are responsible for updating your registration information promptly when any changes occur to your email address, mailing address, or telephone number.  Along with maintaining a current email account, you are responsible for monitoring it regularly and opening email notices promptly.

Withdrawal from EDMS does not mean you are withdrawn from a case or exempt from electronic filing:

You may request withdrawal from participation in EDMS through your EDMS account, or, if you are unable to access EDMS, by contacting the clerk of court. If your request to withdraw is approved, your log in and password will be canceled and your name will be deleted from applicable electronic service lists.  However, your withdrawal from participation in EDMS does not authorize you to file cases or documents non-electronically, nor does it mean you are withdrawn from a case.

You must redact protected and confidential information:

You are responsible for ensuring that protected and confidential information is properly redacted in documents that you file in EDMS according to Division VI: Personal Privacy Protection section of the Chapter 16, Iowa Rules of Electronic Procedure.

Sanctions may be imposed on you if the court finds that you have purposefully filed documents that contain un-redacted protected information as defined by the rules or by court order or statute. These sanctions may include requiring you to pay damages and reasonable expenses, costs, and attorney fees associated with the filing of that information. You also may be found to be in contempt of court and charged as such.

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